Radio Fence Super


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Code: PRF3004XW-20

Manufacturer: PetSafe


RadioFence set for large, stubborn and active dogs from 18kg +. This system differs from the radiofence Deluxe  with a slightly larger receiver attached to the collar and adjustable intensity adjustment, which is particularly suited for the training of sstubborn and active dogs. There are a total of 5 intensity levels that are selected according to the dog's temperament.

System includes:

1. Transmitter and power converter (to be installed indoors)
2. Waterproof receiver - neck strap, suitable for neck from 15-71cm
3. 4 adjustable static correction intensity levels in receiver - neck strap, before each pulse, a warning tone sounds
4. A single beep and vibration mode, suitable for older dogs with hearing impairment, or puppies
5. Boundary wire 150 m (marking protected area) and 50 educational flags
6. Collar uses 1 x 9 Volt battery (lasts 1-3months)
7. User Manual

The radio fence can be used to restrict both the perimeter of an area and individual objects at the same time without damaging the view of the area. The maximum perimeter of the territory per transmitter may not exceed 1200m. There can be an unlimited number of dogs in the area (each with a separate collar).



Type of pet


Pets temper

Active, stubborn

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