Extreme weather Pet door L


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Code: PPA19-15796

Manufacturer: PetSafe


Perfect door for cold weather. The triple sash system provides three times more effective thermal insulation, while giving your pet freedom of movement.
  1. The triple sash system protects your home from large heat losses.
  2. Durable plastic frame.
  3. Suitable for installation in 4.1-5.7 cm thick doors, as well as for installation in interior walls and exterior walls. (tunnel included)
  4. Lockable closing panel.

  It is also possible to purchase an additional closing panel separately.

Door size  Pet weight  Frame size  Flap opening Wall/Door
(Cutting Template  A)
≥54 mm thick
(Cutting Template - B)
Max shoulder width
S up to 7 кg 284 mm х 214 mm  205 mm х 130 mm 258 mm х 165 mm 258 mm x 142 mm 130 mm
M up to 18 kg  384 mm x 291 mm  300 mm x 200 mm 360 mm x 241 mm  360 mm x 216 mm 200 mm
L up to 45 kg 508 mm х 341 mm 413 mm х 259 mm  489 mm х 292 mm 464 mm x 269 mm 259 mm





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