Wireless PetSafe Stay and Play fence


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Code: PIF45-13479

Manufacturer: PetSafe


Stay and Play radio fence is an innovative and easily portable containment system that does not need to be wired. Simply attach the transmitter to a socket and set the desired area diameter where you want to restrict your pet. Charge the receiver collar and the device is ready for use. The transmitter communicates with your dog's receiver at the collar and helps keep the dog in the designated area. As the dog approaches the area boundary, the receiver emits an audible warning if the dog attempts to cross the area boundary, followed by an unpleasant static current stimulation.
System includes:

1. Transmitter and power converter (to be installed indoors)
2. Easy to move, no wires.
3. Collar receiver, has 5 different levels of static correction, including tone only.
4. Rechargeable Receiver - collar (Full Charge 2-3h) fits neck 15-58 cm
5. Installation in 1-2 hours

The device is light and compact so you can take it with you conveniently.
There may be an unlimited number of animals in the area, each with a separate PetSafe Stayand Play collar with a receiver